Samsara Blues Experiment
(World in Sound WIS-3505)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

I have been following Christian (guitarist from Terraplane) since we met when Terraplane opened for Gas Giant many years back. He has had this new band running for a few years now and they finally have released their great debut. The CD/LP begins with Singata Mystic Queen, which is an amazing slow building 10 minute track with some nice acidic wah guitar, sitar (at the beginning and end) and a great laid back psychedelic stoner rock feel. A major transition occurs at 4 minutes and the band launch into a heavy guitar solo section and then finally around 6 minutes a nice laid back vocal is sung before the track takes off once again for a finishing jam slow heavy stoner rock groove and some more solos. The leads into Army of Ignorance, which again is a short stoner rock jam track that leads into the long spacey For the Lost Souls, which lasts like 10 minutes. After a slow spaced out start, after 4 minutes it kicks into a killer stoner rock groove that takes us down the highway. Less soloing on this one but it is a killer groove and a great song. Side B of the record starts with The Wheel of Life (a beautiful acoustic track) into Double Freedom. Double Freedom starts slowly with some delay vocals, sitar and great psych guitar. It gets very doomy towards the end in this amazing track before Christians kicks in with another solo! Center of the Sun is a cool 13 minute track only on the CD version. Very psychedelic music and a great debut release.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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