Rotor - "4" (Elektrohasch)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

Berlin based groove rockers, Rotor are back with their fourth record, which features the singer from Dyse on the Obsessed cover An3R4 and Nico (Hutchinson) on the ending track, Neatz Brigade. The CD starts off with some piano but this does not last long before the band blast into the track Gnade dir Gott, an intense 4 minite instrumental work out of hard riffing rock. Karacho is next and a very fast speedy intense track with great interaction between the drummer and bass player. The Obsessed track is next and it is pretty intense. I liked the psyched out vocal. After some very intense tracks it is nice to see the band take it down a bit with Costa Verde which is a nice slower melodic track. Derwisch kicks it into high gear again with the strength of this track the back forth interaction of the bass and drums at the beginning before the band kick into the familiar. I wonder how they can remember all their songs from each other... it must take a lot of practice. Neatz Bridge features Nico on vocals and is somewhat different of a track and reminds me of Wino stuff without the guitar solos.

While I think this is a pretty cool band and very intense live, I am looking for something different from these guys as far as the guitar goes. I think just the constant riff and back and forth intense interaction between the members starts to bore me since they use few guitar effects and no solos or anything new or unique in the guitar department. Still a cool band and I will for sure see them live when I get a chance and enjoy their records when I hear them now and again. Beautiful digipack artwork is provided if you buy this one.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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