Renegade Scanners - "Hands on Future"
(Lal Lal Lal Records, LAL-31, LP)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

Renegade Scanners is a solo project by Swedish artist Jacob Olausson. It is a low fi vinyl only release in 330 copies with hand made covers. The LP features 4 tracks of strange, mostly guitar sci fi space music tracks with a quite low fi sound. The side with the straight line pattern on the label has a very short intro track before a track with a lot of spacey synth-sci fi sounds develops with a low fi melodic electric guitar played over the top. It is a bit like early Chrome but the guitar is not as aggressive. The rhythm is maintained by a second strummed guitar. There are no drums. This ends abruptly and goes directly into some sounds that seem to be made with guitar effects pedal. The space synths now bubble up again before a very metallic noisy guitar flanged out sound takes over the soundscape. Next is some basic freaking out with guitar pedals and or synthesizers. Very strange but sure sounds fun. The guitar comes back on the final track on this side with a basic rhythm again and he plays some lead over the top of this while the synths freak out. The side with the curved lines starts with a track that has a distorted guitar and simple bass line. Quite strange low fi noodling as another guitar generates feedback and flanged out sounds as well underneath the main guitar line. This leads into a section with various guitar pedal sounds and feedback, which then starts into another track with the same thin metallic lead guitar over some space sounds and strange drones. This becomes the most melodic and listenable track on the record and will remind people of Hawkwind in a certain way. This is music for real space heads. Enjoy…

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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