Secret Oyster - Amager Bio, KÝbenhavn 8/26/10

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

It is not everyday that a classic 70s band plays down the street from where you live! This was the 3rd or 4th time I had seen Secret Oyster and they have always been excellent. Tonight they debuted 5 brand new songs. They started early about 20 minutes after 8PM and played a 45 minute first set which included two new songs. The first one, called Black Jack, was a bit funky and an excellent song. Claus BÝhling was really in form and sounding great on guitar. You can tell that this is a guy who grew up playing in the late 60's and 70s and at 61 can still totally rip it up. Karsten Vogel was also in fine form and later in the second set would lay down a long monster sax solo during Traffic and Elephants. Swedish keyboard player Daniel gets his share of solos as well while original drummer Ole also got a drum solo in the second set. Asher, the bass player is also great and had several shorter solos in a number of tracks. It was a great second set lasting about 50 minutes with several new songs as well. I had a fantastic time and spoke to Claus before and after the show. Great night with my friends Nils, Magnus, Martin and Nana.

Set List:

Set 1: Krankenhaus, Sierenerne, Oysterjungle, Black Jack, Sacred, Second Hand Rose, Pajamafia

Set II: Oyster Jugend, May the 2nd, Blazing Lace, Lily the Bird, Leda, Traffic and Elephants, Mind Movie, Encore: 2nd part of Mind Movie into 2 part of 2nd hand Rose?

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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