Nevärlläjf - "Klusterfloristen"
(Musea Records)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

Nevärlläjf are a new instrumental progressive rock band from Sweden, who play extremely complicated music with a sense of humor. Sometimes it is almost like Frank Zappa style jazz fusion meets King Crimson meets Miles Davis with Steve Via on guitar. One has to respect musicians that play such challenging and intense music. Anyway, these young cats are really getting down with some funky hard hitting Herbie Hancock style stuff mixed with a more hard edge on the opening track Hem-o-Röj. The songs are all quite long and give plenty of space for solos and in each song everyone gets their turn! The Carpet is a short 2½ minute track which is very hard to describe. An interesting guitar line under which the band bursts out energetically every now and then and then it is over. The end of this track reminds me of Gösta Berlings Saga. Ove och det Tjockaste sminket is next and is a crazy heavy metal jazz rock work out with some ripping guitar leads and huge changes in time signatures. The middle section changes and has a lot of very melodic elements with the two guitars and or keys following each others playing and then a very cool jazzy section with great bass playing. Very cool track. Flourtantskosmos slows things down and starts jazzy but then heads into a laid back bluesy section as the bands lays back a little bit. But you can't trust this band as it kicks into a very heavy King Crimson like section and then a part that really reminds me of Taipuva Luotisuora briefly, and then into Frank Zappa territory and then polka music. Fucking hell. Knölpaksinhalor starts very spacey but like the other songs, but nothing lasts very long before they take off in half a dozen other directions and some nice harmony guitar work before back into the slower spacey part again. Fusionlök is a pretty heavy work out for the band and starts very heavy and then goes into a laid back jazzy part before they take off again. Wow. That is all I can say on this one. Kaskelottkotte starts with a prominent bass line and the funky guitar and keys kick in and this one even has some xylophone (could also be the synthesizer?) and this is followed by a Hammond like solo and then some quickly changing parts and a nice wah bass solo. Killer bass in this song. The Sacrifice of Gluteus Maximus is a shorter 3½ minute track that is a bit steadier and less chaotic but again kicks into some heavy stuff and has a couple of nice guitar solos at the end of this track and a weird ending with horns. The CD ends with KyskhastDisco, an over 11 minute track that starts slowly with piano and well, you know what happens by now.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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