The Movements and Brutus - Dragens Hule 7/16/10

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

There are not that many shows going on during this time of year when the summer vacation is full on but I was looking forward to this one while Sue was visiting from England. The Movements put out a pretty cool spacey garage psych record on my friend Dave's Sulatron label and Brutus are one of the new 70s style bands on the Transubstans label. I was not sure how many people would show up.

It turns out our whole Roadburn crew (Nils, Tom, Magnus, Martin, myself) except Jens was there for the rock show. A decent crowd was there but they waited until 11:40 or so for the first band to start but neither would play that long. Brutus was fantastic and a cool young band, with a bit Pentagram, Grand Funk and Martin said Danzig thrown in! A lot of great riff rock songs and some nice guitar solos from both young players. Sadly, they only know 7 of the 8 songs from their record (they never play Swedish Lady) and could not come up with a jam or improve or a cover song, so they just played another one of their songs that we heard before, more or less exactly the same. They had an amazing front man who gave 200% and was totally into his performance and the band and had the whole floor to himself. He was a bit drunk but he never fucked up the vocals, always spot on. A very tight unit.

The Movements did not spend too long setting up the Farfisa and we were ready to rock again. A few less people. They opened with a super cool spacey jam out track with great organ and guitar solo. Next they played a lot of high energy 60's garage rock with lots of farfisa. A lot of these songs sounded too much the same, They also had a great front man who was into it and also took over the floor. He had a more mellow soft voice though and for sure felt like he had to raise up the performance a notch to play after Brutus. The best tracks they played for me were the more space ones from the For Sardines space is not a Problem CD. These slowed things down and they spaced out a bit. They played a very short set as well, maybe 40 minutes, and then came back and played two higher energy numbers. Fun concert for sure and a great summer night at Dragens Hule with a lot of friends and some folks from Sweden as well.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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