Kamchattka and Fuzz Manta - Bodoni, Malmö, Sweden May 12th, 2010

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

I rode over the bridge with the Fuzz Manta band and most of Cherry Overdrive for the gig at Bodoni. Everyone was in a great mood and psyched to play. This would be Fuzz Manta's 4th or 5th gig with the new drummer and one less guitar player. It was a mostly all new set of songs and the band was energized. We stopped at the Netto before heading over the bridge to Sweden and picked up several cases of beer. Bodoni are cheap bastards and when we played there they only gave each band member one free beer (they got two this night!). Anyway, Kamchatka was soundchecking and basically having a blues jam when we arrived. They sounded cool. I hung out with them quite a bit and we talked about their touring in the USA, King Hobo, their studio, etc. Super cool people.

Fuzz Manta did not start until 10:40 and there was still only like 25 people, so it looked to be a pretty shitty turnout. The rock and roll must go on. FM opened with Mysterious Thoughts, and this would be the only familiar song they played tonight as all the rest was brand new material. The new 4-piece line up is really great and has a different vibe and feel from the old line up. There is more freedom and space in the music now and everyone is really having fun. Freddy, the guitar player has been listening to a lot of Hendrix as well. They belted out a 45 minute set and split the scene. The few people who heard them seemed to enjoy it. I am quite happy with the new direction and hope they record some great versions of these songs in the studio soon.

Set List: Mysterious Thoughts, Corrossion, Lithia's Box, Let me Walk (with very cool blues section), Turn Around, Man with no Face, White and More

Kamchatka had all their gear set up so only had to change the cymbals and rearrange the drum kit so in less than 20 minutes they were ready. About 10 more people had come now, including a few of their friends. Anyway, this is a pretty killer band. You can tell they have really played a lot together and the singer and guitar player, he had had quite a few of the Danish beers and was feeling very fine and the band played a rather loose and jamming set which is what I had hoped for. The people were into a lot. I was surprised to hear yet another very cool Swedish band that plays blues inspired 70s groove rock. The bass player also does a lot of singing. Just a very solid band with cool songs, some great lead guitar work and intense drumming. I can't wait to see them play again.

Set list: Opening Jam, Seed, No, Mnemosyne, Eggshell, Astrobucks, Daddy Says, Wrong End, Confessions, Singalong, (Out of my Way and Pathetic were on the set list but not played due to lack of time)

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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