Gunslingers - "Manifest Zero"
(World In Sound 2010, WIS 3009)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

"What are you old fools up to?", an old lady queries... to which a crusty old dude replies: "Black Magic"...and then The Spectre's Sinister Commandment kicks in!... this is a trio of French freaks playing hardcore Stoogey/Monoshockish garage-punk... the singer is completely demented on this opening cut: sounds kinda like a cross between Iggy and the "Surfin' Bird" guy... righteous heavy shit this is! Coupe-Gorge continues the onslaught at the same brutal pace once this awesome break brings on a great fucking riff... sinister rock 'n' roll... after the mid-section we get to hear that riff cut in again and knock us back on our asses. An Eye For a Knife starts off at another neck breakin' tempo, but then drifts into a vamping jam with tom-tom rolls, chug-a-chug bass and a good bit of flange on the guitar. I Know What You Want is not one of the better songs but ends with a seriously bitchin' wah-lead... Stub of Fortune must be referring to the death of Anne Boleyn, sounds like dude's chanting her name. The album ends with Condor's Radiant Spawn, an instrumental which allows guitar-guy to feature a pretty neat Jimmy Pagey country-rockin' riff. The second half of this album doesn't quite keep up the greatness of the first few tracks, but still sounds pretty fresh. For more info, visit: and

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Reviewed by Chuck Rosenberg

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