Flying Eyes - "s/t"
(World In Sound 2009, WIS-2508)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

Band is from Baltimore, Maryland and this looks to be their first CD release - it's actually two five track EP's - titled Bad Blood and Winter combined. Best described as acid-tinged blues rock. Tunes that had me totally drawn into this title were Lay With Me, Bad Blood (great psychedelic guitar work), with its thought-provoking lyrics, Don't Point Me At Your God, the out-standing She Come To Me (awesome Zeppelin-like melody with good organ), We Are Not Alive, Around The Bend - has a nice tripping vibe to it and the airy psychedelic King Of Nowhere. Need to mention that the vocals on this CD have a strong resemblance to that of the late Jim Morrison. In fact if you wanted to pull a gag on someone - you could play a track or two from this disc and ask a friend, colleague, smoke buddy, etc. to try to name the artist. I'm almost sure that a few would likely guess it to be maybe an unreleased Doors song or maybe even a lost Jim Morrison solo piece. Line-up: Will Kelly - guitar & vocals, Mac Hewitt - bass & vocals, Adam Bufano - guitar & organ and Elias Schutzman - percussion. Should definitely appeal to fans of (obviously) The Doors, Cream, early Pink Floyd (first three albums) and possibly The Cult.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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