Blowback - "800 Miles"
(Transubstans 057)

From Aural Innovations #41 (October 2010)

Blowback, from Sweden, have returned with their second full length record entitled 800 Miles. They have previously released a split CD with Asteroid, an EP and one full length CD. This one features 9 tracks in 37 minutes of 70's style hard rock. I have always like this band but I think this release is their best for sure. One thing, before you go for this record, make sure you turn it up LOUD. The power of the songs, the grooves, etc. are only revealed when the volume is also shaking your floor! The Only Thing I Have is a killer rock track. The Big Black Hole is a more laid back track with some acoustic guitar that slowly builds up in a hypnotic flow. Cool song. No Soul is a bit of a dark track yet also melodic in nature to start and then it kicks up into a mighty rock out at the end including harmonica. What a cool twist! No guitar solo though. Butterfly is a short 3 minute track but brings the powerful bluesy rock back. Dead Man Blues is another really cool track and has some spacey lead guitar but it is pretty buried in the mix and should have been up front! Great groove on this one though. Fool takes the rock up another notch with a track that would be great for driving and we get a little bit of lead guitar. Crossroads is next and no, it's not that classic track that many have covered. Away from the Planet sees the band take it to the next level with some killer bass playing and some nice wah guitar in this 70s rocker. The CD ends with Water in my Wine. One of the weaker tracks on the record actually. Anyway, if these guys would learn to play some more leads and jam they could be an amazing band. I hope to see them live in 2010.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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