ZZ TOP - "Live in Texas 2007"
(Eagle Rock, DVD)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

ZZ TOP are back and have released their first ever full live concert. It is just a pity it is from 2007 and not much much earlier like the brilliant German TV concert from 1980 or even earlier. Anyway, the band have a great stage set up with cool props and screens and play a fine set of the bands favorite tracks including a couple of the awful ones like Rough Boy. Man, these guys have so many classic killer tunes and riffs, but poor Billy is getting old and just can't laid down the fire like he used to. I really felt that while he plays a lot of solos, his fingers are just slow and he just does not have any spark or fire in his playing, which is a pity. Great 5.1 mix and fun to see a few times. Fans that came late will enjoy it. Interestingly, there are no songs from XXX or Mescalero, the bands last two studio albums. New one is in the making and suppose to be like 1972 era ZZ TOP as Rick Rubin is producing.

You can find more information from the band's web site at http://www.zztop.com
Check out the record label web site at: http://www.spitfirerecords.com/eaglerockUSA

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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