Gnaw Their Tongues - "An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood"
(Crucial Blast 2007, CBR067-2)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

What the f**k… It's a f**king horror show… A decaying smell of bowels is everywhere, the first seal of judgment has been opened and I behold a white horse. The Great Angel of the Abyss has brought forth the first woe and the sixth Angel has loosed the four angels, to kill a third of mankind… Die you f*****s, die, die… Work it out…

Screaming, agonizing torture… Loud screaming noise, somber and toiling, vomiting blood, setting the scene for the new millennium… Destruction and slaughter, death and starvation, war and murder, and there will be more of your children dead tomorrow, as there is a need to participate in butchery, sawn asunder and left for the beasts, my body is not a vessel, nor a temple, it's a repulsive pile of sickness, an epiphanic vomiting of blood, through teeth that leer like open graves, welcome friends, this is the new dawn, f**k all that pacifist s**t, buy a f*****g gun and put the world to rights… Gnaw your tongue off…

Honestly though, if these dudes are not stood in circles, sacrificing s**t, I'll be disappointed… Their music is bore of the Devil, it is dark and droning orchestral doom, horrific and bloody, it rolls like a horror film and sounds like one. It is brutal in a way Naplam Death could only dream. I like it really for its honesty and bloody decay, and seldom have I heard a band like them. Slow and brutal, with no hope of release from their tortured shells… I bet their mothers are proud….

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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