Sardonis - Sardonis 7"
(Electric Earth Earth 03)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

Sardonis is a new Belgian band and they play DOOM. This 7" due to be released in a limited edition of 250 copies will be out soon. There are 4 tracks in 13 1/2 minutess. The band is just a two piece of guitar and drums and play down tempo heavy moody instrumental doom but not that slow. The opening track, Nero D'Avola, has a cool riff and creates a cool mood as well. Heavy and melodic. Skullcrusher AD follows and sounds just like the opening riff to Embrace by the Danish band Gas Giant and is quite spacey before the heavy shit kicks in. I Love the sound of this nasty guitar riff but he quickly drops the effect and goes into a more normal DOOM tone. The track gets quite fast for 1/2 a minute before going back to the tuned down portion. Cool song. MOR is a short 2 minute thrasher. Too short to be of much significance. Sick Horses is quite thrashy as well and similar to the other tracks. Heavy stuff. Two killer tracks and two so so tracks. Still worth owning. It will be rare.

You can find more information from the band's MySpace site at
Check out the record label web site at: ttp://

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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