Nole Plastique - "Escaperhead"
(Nexsound 2008, NSP03)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

I'm glad that someone is putting suicide back into music and Nole Plastique, here on Escaperhead, surely know how to get you down. Their brand of somber, slow, Beatley, Barretty Floyd, annoying, indie styled music is enough to curl anyone's toes, and batter ones head, of this I am certain. But, I also know that some will endeavor to enjoy the non stop barrage of tinkling, strumming, tapping, banging, scraping, jarring and warbling, of this I am also certain. It is a love it or hate affair, and it is what I would call a very hard listen.

The tracks are ambient in nature, atmospheric and confusing, almost disorientating, so to speak. They possess a weird style, more clean than distorted, and with this, I can hear elements of Syd Barrett coming through here and there. With this said, there is also a certain quality to the flow and crafting of the tracks, the structure and production, as well as the journey that the whole takes you on, slow and suicidal or not, I like it for that.

It definitely is not a CD to rouse the dead, but it may get rid of the hangers on at parties in a way that The Virgin Prunes might. It is more noise and atmosphere than it is music, although music is in there. Yet it is a sort of off music, almost out of tune. Overall it is strange stuff and somewhat reminiscent of the psychedelic sixties.

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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