Monarch, Hahn Kult- Dæmonens Port, København 7/17/08

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

This was a very special night of music for about 30 or so people. Hahn Kult is a new Danish band. The guys are young and inexperienced but play damn noisy stuff. Screaming vocals, super fast stuff to slow Melvins like stuff. It was dynamic music but played very untogether. They seemed very unrehearsed or just young. They had fun and the crowd did not leave the building!

We were really waiting for the French band, Monarch. I did not know what they would be like live but damn they were captivating. They are a bass, drum, guitar and female vocal band. This stuff is slow and crushing with the average speed of the band around 15 beats a minute. The singer (Screamer) has a small table with her tape loop machine and various effects which she uses to adjust her vocal. When they are at their most brutal she is screaming her lungs out and you feel you are in a dungeon being tortured. Far out but very original and cool to hear live. I think they only played about 45-50 minutes but people loved it and they said it was one of their best shows and they just got lost on the music. Cool.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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