La Ira de Dios - "CosmosKaosDestruction"
(World in Sound 2008, WIS3005, CD/LP)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

Imagine Jimi Hendrix playing with Space Ritual era Hawkwind and getting into the spirit of the thing. Add a healthy dose of psychedelic thrash and doom and you've got just the recipe for a band like La Ira de Dios. CosmosKaosDestruction is their latest, having switched from Nasoni Records to the World in Sound label.

"Quemando" opens the set on a quiet note, with doomy sludgy bass and slowly building psychedelic guitar. But after a minute or so the band launch into classic La Ira de Dios steamroller power trio cosmic psych rock. And you never have to wait long for Chino Burgo to crank out a guitar solo. This is seriously aggressive and intense power rocking psychedelia that conjures up images of a devastating avalanche of molten lava. The band are a 3-piece on this album and I don't see any synths in the credits, which is fine because Burga knows how to take his guitar deep into space.

"Kaos" is a standout track and couldn't be a better title for this punked out slab of space thrash. Like "Master of the Universe" on Olympic quality steroids. "El Pacto" is similar, being just over 3 minutes but a total tsunami of rip roaring psychedelic mind-fucking ROCK. Lots of others like this too. Mostly shorter punchier tracks on this outing. "Pobre Diablo" is one that has a slower stoned vibe, but is still as high octane as anything else on the album. At 13 minutes "Jamas Morire" is the one lengthier track of the set. At times the guitar really has a Hendrix sound, through the overall music is dirty, full body assault power psychedelia. And of course the band stretch out into jamming spaced out instrumental heaven. The track goes silent around the 8 minute mark, lights out for another minute, and then catapults into another delirious space-punk song that winds up the set.

Since their first album in 2005, La Ira de Dios have continued to prove themselves to be one of the best bands on the heavy psych rock scene. Definitely one of my favorites. The energy level on this album is superhuman and relentless. Really worked me up into a frenzy. Don't listen with any sharp objects in your proximity.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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