Kildemose Festival, Ørbæk
(Denmark June 29-30th, 2008)

by Scott Heller

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

15:00 - Keith Henderson, Chris (my nephew) and I took my car out on Friday with my gear and the hard disc recorder. It took about 2 hours because of some traffic jam due to road construction to go the 140km. But we had no problem finding the place and arrived in time to set up the hard disc recorder and our tents before the first band started at 18:00. The weather was really nice and about 200 people were there in total including all the bands. The rest of the OSC was arriving a bit later this evening.

What an amazing location on the grounds of the Ørbæk brewery. A small forest, nice places to camp, a view of the top of the Strobelt Bridge. Really beautiful and nice relaxed people. The first band on was Phileas at 1800. I was busy with a lot of stuff and don't recall what they were like. It was nice to see my friend Carsten, the guys in Causa Sui, Jan D (the guy who organizes this great event!), and others. At 19:00 or so was Tee Bee and Friends. They were pretty cool blues rock stuff. The folks in Fuzz Manta have arrived now.

Festival Area

21:45 - The rest of the OSC crew arrives and they are already pretty high and happy and it a great mood.

Ram Goats were up next and this took forever and while they were suppose to start at 20:15, it was like 22:30 when they started so we were way off schedule now. Anyway, they played some really cool old school Jamaican ska music, some roots reggae and dancehall reggae. Pretty cool band but they really fucked up the schedule.

Set List: Jamaica Kincaid, Bablyon will Fall, Send Sweet Love, No Reply, Comfort Song, Morning Glory,. One Sweet Dream, Chop Away, Limbo, Tomorrow, Dr. Dope, Punjabi, Ramsey Blues, Bobby Babylon, 4 what it’s worth

Ram Goats

23:45 - Ram Goats are finished. Fuzz Manta were suppose to start at 21.45. On Trial guys are here now and we are all hanging out and having a good time.

Fuzz Manta totally rocked. A few of the band had perhaps had a bit too much to drink so they were not as tight as they could have been but it was just the type of music we needed! Cool set with some songs I had not heard live.

Lene of Fuzz Manta

On Trial

Set List: Mountain, We said it all, Cage of Glass, The Killer, Fields of Grass, Rollercoaster Mind, Creatues of.., Candles, Desire, Smoke Rings, Breakout, Nioght Fright, Mysterious Thoughts

1:30 - On Trial are up next and Bjarne was in a not exactly gig ready state. He had fallen down behind the drum kit and it took several minutes for him to get up. While it was funny, it was not so funny as they had to play. It was not the best ever On Trial set and it was loud and Bo could not hear any vocals from his monitor and it was turned all the way up so he just stoodout in the audience and sang! They played some brand new stuff. Not so sure I liked it much. Great to see them play again.

Set List. Beat, Lovecraft, 13 is just a Number, Burning Bridges, Every New Direction, Strange Whisphers, Do you see her?, Just Because, That's Right, No Beginning, Blood Butterfly, Blood River

3:45 - It is already getting light again and Causa Sui are just starting to play. Fuck it is late. They were suppose to play at 12:15? I wonder what it will be like for us tomorrow, how far off will they be when there is 10 bands compared to today with 6. WE have a really fun time on this night and see a wide range of music, but the soundman really needs some help and they need to leave more time between bands and get the bands to stick more to the time as the night ended up going 3 1/2 hours over schedule and poor Causa Sui did not get to start playing until 3:45 in the morning (we would be in almost the same position the next night!). I only saw 1-2 songs (Luz from the OSC joined them) and had to go lay down as I was stll tired and suffering from jetlag from just arriving back from the USA the day before. Phew... I heard their whole concert and it was awesome! For sure the best band of the first day. Such a great band.

Causa Sui

Anyway, Causa Sui were totally amazing and it was 5:30 or something like that when they finished. I can't remember.

Day 2

I slept maybe 3-4 hours at the most and was pretty damn tired but I had to get up and help with the hard disc recorder as Village Idiot would start at 13:00. They started 13:20, which was a bad sign as they were 3 1/2 hrs late yesterday with only 6 bands and today there are 10 bands. Will we play at 6 in the morning to like 5 people?

Village Idiot play some sort of Country rock and are really good at what they do. People are starting to trickle out of the tents for some food and coffee. Looks like we will get a bit of rain at some point today. It was raining a bunch this morning but has stopped now.

14:30 - Plök and Homesick Hank were the next two bands and I did not see much of them as I was feeling really strange from the jetlag and lack of sleep last night. I went to lie down for a while as I knew we had a long night ahead and were already 45 minutes behind.

18:30 - Diff, the local Grateful Dead cover band are playing. They were suppose to play at 17:15 and they were suppose to stop at 18:30 but they played a full two hours and now we are way way off. OSC will probably play at 5 in the morning to like 10 people. Anyway, Diff were great. Better than when I saw the Dead in 1992. Great guitar player.

Morning Bride

21:41 - Morning Bride, a band with people from England and the USA are on and sound really cool. The weather is amazing now and it has cleared up. People seem to really like them. NO other band like them today.

Set List: Isabelle, Replica, Nobody Famous, This Place., Stepping Out, Blue yeyed Boy, Time Delay, K.X., Death Rattle, Good Seed, MH, Faith

22:10 - Finally, Cherry Overdrive start. They also took a long time hanging out behind the stage smoking and putting on their dresses and stuff. At least 15-20 minutes of wasted time. Anyway, they had the biggest and most intense crowd, with people rocking out all the way up at the stage and having a great time. What a cool band. I had never seen them with the new drummer or new bass player (only her second show I think). They rocked and got psyched out, which is cool. I love the Fall, but it was getting late and still 3 more bands before we get to play. Fuck...

Cherry Overdrive

Set List: Reptiles, Sheryl's Faith, Don't trash my tail, Shut em Up, Hey Sugar, Did you, Ventures, Black Beetles, What it Takes, Our Sound, You can't Run, Ill be gone, Shake it up, Fashion, Sharks, Clearlight, Toy Boy, The Fall

12:00 or so when Rumskib (space ship) started to play. I had to go lay down. I could hear they played some sort of psychedelic spacey shoegazer like stuff with male and female vocals. I heard they took a long time to set up as well as they had a projector.

2:00 - It was fucking late but still a lot of people here as Highway Child begin to play. What a nightmare... it is so late. Anyway, still a pretty good crowd but starting to thin compared to Cherry Overdrive. They rock like hell. Great band and people were totally into it as well. I guess they played about an hour.

Highway Child

3:00 or so... we finally get to set up. Well, not quite, we started playing at 3:30 in the monring and had a great show. I guess we played for about 35 people who were really into it and stayed the whole time and wanted us to keep playing, but the soundman was falling asleep and really wanted us to stop playing. We played about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Unfortunately there is no audience recording of the show, but we do have a great 24 track (actually 15 tracks) recording and there is also a direct soundboard out recording which I have no idea what that will sound like. It will go up on It was a great and really fun time and we will play next year for sure on a more well organized day and have the full light show!

Oresund Space Collective

I loved this little festival and will try to get a lot more people to come to this cool place next year. Amazing location right on the grounds of a brewery with excellent ale. Nice time...

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