Gunslinger - "Earthquake in E Minor"
(Earthquake Records 2008, EQRC00001)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

Gunslinger was formed in 1979 by Alan Davey and Nigel Potter and enjoyed a fair bit of popularity in the early 1980s, though for reasons that aren't clear the band split up just as they were about to score a record deal. Things certainly worked out ok for Alan as he went on to join Hawkwind. Though the recordings sat for many years until Alan reworked them recently and released them on the newly formed Earthquake label.

The simple description is that this is Motorhead done up Alan Davey style. "Night Song" opens the album and is trademark Alan bass and vocals, though in a thoroughly ROCKING context. Alan solos on the bass while the guitar and drums blaze away. "Blitzkrieg Baby" is similar, with tasty ripping guitar leads. "Shellshocker" is played at what seems like an impossible pace, with keyboards layering the background, and more fiery guitar solos. "Hymn Of The Wild" is a killer hard rock and metal tune. "Cyanide" and "Warhorse" are both songs that would fit neatly on a mid-late 80s Hawkwind album. "Warhorse" is the powerhouse of the two, with mucho spacey synths, and being the longest track of the set at over 7 minutes, the band really stretch out and jam. More killer guitar leads. A seriously potent rocker.

There are also songs like "If The Bombs Don't Get Ya The Bullets Will", "Going In For The Kill" and "Don't Need You" that are more firmly in the Motorhead thrash-metal style, and Gunslinger do it with panache. Finally, "Gunslinger" closes the set and is without question the most blazing song on the album, reaching levels of fury unmatched by… dare I say… Motorhead themselves. No shit, this album will blow your face right out. Play it LOUD! Note that Gunslinger have been active playing shows and for the live version of the band Alan has brought on board his Meads of Asphodel mates JD Tait on guitars and Sunil Jolly on drums.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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