El Festival de los Viajes - s/t
(Aquatalan Records 2007, AQR 002)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

Conceptulally, El Festival de los Viajes can be defined as a psychedelic ensemble, which transports listeners to their own inner world through sound mantras. It is a trip rife with landscapes and visions, where everything is possible and nothing is forbidden.

So says the press release. On to the review: ILUSORIO: Part 60's psychedelia, part 60's Spaghetti Western. Pretty cool so far! From Argentina, yes the vocals are in Spanish. Big bombastic emotional music! What are they putting in the water down there?!?! CEGADOR: Quavery big Argentine vocal with 60's psych music! What does it all mean? They're into Can, Joe Meek, Morricone, The Doors, Hendrix (aren't we all?), that pretty much says it!! To reiterate my position, I love 60's psych but feel if you're a modern musician you should at least attempt to put an original spin on it! Otherwise you're a glorified cover/homage band. EL NAGUAL PARTE 1: Some more groovy Spaghetti Western! Kind of a Marty Robbins vibe to this one! Then goes into a kinda Golden Earring Radar Love beat! I'm sure they tear it up in Argentina. Pretty music, they're very capable musicians. ANTESALA: Lullaby melody, then Morricone histrionics! I guess it's an Argentina thing! CONJURO DE LOS MATADOS: More of the same, with a kinda gloomy cartoonish Jim Morrison vocal! PARAISO: If this CD were recorded in the 60's it would be a collectible oddity, but as it is it's an uncollectible oddity. This isn't bad, it's good, but I couldn't recommend it to anyone!? What would be the point??!! Some cool chants and pretty guitar! EXODO: It's all so emotional, if only I could understand what he was saying!? I can't even read the credits to see what his name is!? And it's over...

For more information you can visit the El Festival de los Viajes web site at: http://www.myspace.com/festivaldelosviajes
Visit the Aquatalan Records web site at: http://www.aquatalanrecords.com.ar
Email at: info@poseidotica.com.ar

Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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