Various Artists - "Dream Frequencies Volume #1"
(Antenna Records 2007, 005)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

A well assembled collection of lesser-known artists of the noise, experimental and drone genres. Total of fourteen tracks with with a duration of 72: 03. Best thing I can do here is to give a run down of each artist and their song contribution. Vibracathedral Orchestra provides a good drone opener, "Chapel Lane Hoedown". The Birds Of Delay brings you their ten-minute ethnic-like world music, "Charnal House". Development Of Shape's "1 . 2" is more or less low-key mood music. Moon with "Ariel Loop" sounds like possibly a lost Michael Rother or Neu! b-side. The Library Tape's "Broken, Part 1" is quite a piece of experimental piano work. And the Sculptress tune - "More Answers Than Questions" is a great atmospheric spaced-out drone effort (maybe the best song of the entire CD ).

I must admit this disc grows on you after each play. To continue, the Dust Collector's "The Sun Is Freed" is a straight ahead alternative psychedelic rocker. Bologna Pony {what a name!} shows their stuff with "King Or Emperor" which is more of that droning deep space trance. The Telescope's "In Communion With The Bishop" features some fantastic whirlwind electronics - sort of like Flying Saucer Attack meets Hawkwind (wow!). And Jazzfinger's "The Past" is a nifty little ambient cut. Whew, after listening to this title three times in two days my brain needs a rest.

To finish up here the Number None contribution of "All Energy Is A Form Of Life" is a good heavy-industrial drone cut. Unexplained Transmission's "Step Into The Unknown" shows you they're capable of creating some nice dream-like experimental sounds for your sense. And Astral Social Club's "Majestic Gargle" has some intriguing special sound effects that reminded me of the late Klaus Dinger. If you're a fan of either or all three of the genres I mentioned early on in this CD review, you should receive many enjoyable spins for several years to come from 'Dream Frequencies, Volume 1'. Most definitely an acquired taste.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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