CAPS - "Strip Down and Rebuild"
(Heptown Records HTR 035)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

The CAPS are a Copenhagen band that plays really raw garage rock with a bit of a punky attitude sometimes. Every time you turn Around starts the record off and it is a real organ based garage rocker. Give me a Woman, Give me a Woman shows the male and female vocals (she also plays the organ). Think Stooges with an organ. Called you on the Phone is more of the power pop garage this band masters. Get Right Back To You has a harder edged guitar and the organ is mixed a bit further back and you even get a guitar solo! Gimme Love has a middle section that makes think of Cherry Overdrive. Highway Demon starts off with a great guitar riff and is a really different song with some slide guitar. Great track. Six Finger Shake is a sort of surfy 60's psychy garagy thing. What ya gonna do is a pretty straight up song that the crowd can sing along to. Six Pack starts with some great organ playing but a pretty hard guitar riff kicks in and this one rocks. Straight to Hell is one of the faster and more aggressive tracks on the CD. Ghost Rider has a great opening guitar riff and is quite catchy. The CD ends with Bring the Man Down and this song is a slightly more down tempo track with a melodic guitar line but then the song builds up into a catchy track. Pretty cool stuff. I look forward to seeing this band live one day. If I have one complaint it is the CD is really short. If you spend normal price on this you only get 31 mins of music.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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