Bland Bladen - "I Grevens Tid"
(Transubstans Records 2008, Trans030)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008) The Swedish band, BlandBladen, who have existed since 2002, have finally released their CD-R only release from 2004, with some additional overdubs. The members of this band have all contributed to the Řresund Space Collective, but this is their roots sound. It is all instrumental progressive, folky space rock music. The 4 instrumental songs are all masterpieces with top notch playing from all the members. They have a great rhythm section to back up the skilled guitar and keyboard playing, which play amazing solos on all tracks. The CD is simply captivating and the songs great. If you are fans of progressive, psychedelic instrumental music with a truly unique character, you must hear this one. Top notch. The band have recorded the start of four new songs in 2008 but sadly have disbanded for what looks like good now. You never know though.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

Here's another opinion.....

Blandbladen are a quartet from Malmö, Sweden who play an instrumental brand of Space Rock that blends Ozric Tentacles, jamming lysergic Psychedelia, Trance, and Progressive Rock. The band consists of Solen on Fender Rhodes & keyboards, Sabana on guitar & sounds, Kaufmann on drums & percussion, and Dave on bass & fishmouth. I Grevens Tid is their first album and includes three tracks in the 12-13 minute range and one at 6 minutes.

The band originally self-released this on CDR in 2003, though I never heard any buzz about it so I'm guessing it got very little distribution. So BIG kudos to the folks at Transubstans for giving this gem a proper release. Here are my comments from the review I published in AI #24:

The set opens with "I Grévens Tid", laying down a cool psychedelic groove and the Rhodes gives the music a 70's prog-jazz flavor, while blending in more modern Space Rock stylings á la Ozric Tentacles. But the band stretch out nicely, transitioning through several themes, including a trippy Blues psych segment peppered with liquid efx and hypnotic floating atmospherics. "Pĺ Grön Kvist" is a heavily Ozric influenced tune that builds the pace and intensity to smokin psych-rock levels. "I Afton Trans" and "Dimland" include some of the most high energy trip rocking moments of the set. The music consists of searing space rock with hints of Zappa amidst the Ozric styled space vibe and old time kosmiche prog and heavy rock feel. The rhythm section on "Dimland" is particularly heavy, pounding away furiously while shooting alien synths and wah'd guitars wrap themselves around your brain. Absolutely mind-bending and the way the music evolves and builds positive energy and intensity they could have easily gone on for 20 minutes or more and never lost my attention. So chock another one up for the Swedes dear readers. This is 100% totally spaced out rock and prog played by a band with pure psychedelic hearts. You are commanded to check these guys out NOW!

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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