Akahum - "Electwistery"
(World Venue 2007, POLY 21)

From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008)

This is a new project by David Unlimbo and friends (many which have played with David in Unlimbo). The music is a strange psychedelic mixture of electronica, rock and ethnic stuff. Bang Ra, the opening track, has a programmed beat that the track builds around with a strange mixture of synths playing and they each seem to take turns playing different solos of sorts. Strange track with a bit of Indian flavor. Hempi is a longer, nearly 9 minute track, which starts very dreamy, with lush synths and programmed beats and deep bass playing as the layers build up. A really nice guitar solo is played towards the end of the track. Amber Temple is a bit GONG influenced and one of the coolest tracks on the CD. Great bass line, cool samples and some great guitar as well. Persh begins very chilled out. Nice Middle Eastern synth playing and percussion. Another cool track. Primary is nearly 12 minutes long and a journey through many forests, down several streams, through some tunnels and ending up somewhere else. Very electronic this track. Underglow is some sort of dub track, but highly spaced out and happy. Organico ends the CD and is strange one with an almost country like feel and funny up-down rhythm and lots of strange stuff bubbling into the music as well. A very successful CD.

For more information you can visit the Akahum web site at: http://www.akahum.com
Visit the World Venue web site at: http://www.worldvenue.com
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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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