Judgement & Thunder: The Greatest Hits Of Judge Trev and Nik Turner
(Music & Elsewhere, 1998 M+E 440, Cassette)

From Aural Innovations #4 (October 1998)

With tunes from the Atomgods, Imperial Pompadours, and Inner City Unit, this collection contains ten songs from the past 15 years of Trev/Turner collaborations that apparently were just sold at gigs until now.

Five of the tracks are from ICU. "Solitary Astrid", "Bones Of Elvis", and "Polythene" could almost be called novelty songs. Catchy rocking tunes. "Bones Of Elvis" is my runaway favorite. The song is an absolute riot with its snare drum march, E.L.V.I.S. cheer, and demented lyrics. ICU also does a punked out version of "Masters Of The Universe", and the high energy "Watching The Grass Grow" which, if I didn't know better, could be straight off Bill Nelson's Red Noise.

The heavier rocking Atomgods contribute three tracks. "Atlantic Waves" features some great Nik flute making this the closest to SpaceRock these tunes get. "Oh Yeah" rocks like the Ramones. And "China" is pure bone crunching 'bang yer head on the stage' metal.

The two Imperial Pompadours tunes are the wildest of all. Freaked out vocals, banging pots and pans, drills, moaning guitars, and in the middle of it all melodic piano are the order of the day. Very strange indeed. Short but very sweet, this collection shows the different directions Trev/Turner music has gone.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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