Why Johnny Kills- SEX
(Slapart Media )

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

This is a CD all about SEX… Well, not really… The band play some pretty crazy psychedelic art rock and are totally experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what is suppose to be allowed and saying fuck you… The band has been around for like 10 years and is from South Carolina. The CD starts off with M.O.M. and right away you can tell the band’s singer is intense, just not that normal as he messes with your head with some effects and double tracking. The band maintain a down and dirty psychedelic sound. Teacher Teacher is a short song about the teaching of evolution in SC and it is a strange one with a Casio like keyboard replacing the guitar. Freaked out... great lyrics. Sex with Ghose is a long 12 minute psychedelic freakout-nightmare. The digipack tells the long story inside. Strange story… On Siga the band show their unique brand of psych rock. Red Throb is a slower track and pretty spacey and psychedelic. They like to manipulate the sound…fuck with your mind. Por Tu is like their stoned single and is sung in Portuguese. Smoke it, get high… Easterners is another long track over 10 minutes and the band really expands your mind… horns, strange noises, a little bit of everything… The CD ends with Sex reprise. It is some sort of sound collage with all sorts of stuff going on… Experimental—most people won’t understand…sorry to say….

You can visit the record label Web site at: http://www.slapart.com/

Visit the band web site at: http://www.whyjohnnykills.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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