Voluntary Mother Earth- Unacceptable Vegetable
(Self Released)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

This is some strange and nasty at times, Japanese rock music. Frank Zappa is cited as a main influence. The bio says they are from Tokyo but formed and recorded in Texas…. This stuff is a little X-Rated at times and they really go for some crazy song titles and lyrics. It is made to provoke. The CD starts with Give us a Tomato which is quite a crazy song with a lot of different styles of music from like dramatic prog music with a bit of Mars Volta like influence to really heavy metal riffing and a strange accordion section. Free Head for a Free Ride is a weird bluesy track with a bit of Weird Al Yankovic thrown in. The last part of the song features an amazing psychedelic guitar jam. I said just water and she gave me Sprite is next and another strange one with a heavy riff and strange story. They use the keyboards in an interesting and strange way in this music, usually just to fuck it up and make it strange. Valley Girl meets Angela and a Long Thing Person somewhere in the Orient starts slowly and is a sort of weird ballad about having sex with the valley girl. One of the weaker songs. Jeremy Thorn 2007 really rocks like hell and features a quite strange keyboard line to balance against the hard rocking guitar. The band go into Sweet Home Alabama at one point in this track and other strange parts with piano jazz, etc. A story of a typical week of a Starving Musician is a funky number with some really cool guitar playing, but again, the band take the track in all kinds of directions including a middle part with a strange country like piece. Makes me Wonder starts off with a great guitar solo before coming down and some spacey keyboards in the background balance the track. The guitar solo section is most excellent. The CD ends with two Penis songs; Forgive my Penis and You got my Penis Hurt. Strange numbers but the last one is 7½ minutes and becomes musically very interesting halfway through with a part that reminds me of Black Sun Ensemble. One thing about this band, which some compare to Zappa (only in a small way), is this band is never predictable. You never know what is going to happen next. This makes the music exciting and strange as well. Excellent band.

YOu can buy the CD from the CD Baby Web site: http://www.CDBaby.com

Vist the band web site at: www.voluntarymotherearth.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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