Underground Groovement- Voodoo Disco
(Kuukaikuimo Oy KU004CD)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

This is a strange new Finnish band that play a mixture of funky, reggae, ghetto groove (as they call it) psychedelic soul music. There are 6 members in the band with male and female vocals. The CD begins with the driver and sample from a movie as a cool laid back funky develops. Some nice guitar and an good introduction to what this CD has to offer. A nice use of the horns and pretty intense singer (Katwi). Voodoo Disco, the title track, begins with this spaghetti western like music and Katwi sings very seductively. The track has a slow steady bass line that the whole track builds on. Cool stuff. Sugar Man is more like late 70’s soulful reggae stuff until the middle part where the band gets spaced out. Wet Daddy has that shaft like funky guitar under the horns at the beginning before the track really takes off with a cool steady groove and nice horns. Don’t leave me Satan is a totally killer track. The lyrics are cool and amazingly sung. The song is very slow and I guess they could make a really cool video out of this track in a dark Smokey bar with a guy sitting in the corner playing the harmonica part. Freakdom brings up the funky ghetto groove in full force but is a short track. The Acid Baby starts with a bass line a lot like Another one bites the Dust by Queen until the funky guitar comes in. Some nice guitar at the end of this track. Men behind the Bush has some strange lyrics and a cool psychedelic ska groove. Bacalou has a special intensity in it to start but then the track comes down and becomes pretty groovy. The Hashist is a cool laid back psychedelic almost dub track. Radiation is a totally different track from anything else on the CD and more like psychedelic rock. Cool stuff. The CD ends with Where I’m At which is more laid back and a bit psychedelic.

I really enjoyed this CD a lot but I would like to see the band be a bit more dirty and not so slick and also to stretch some of the tracks out and jam a bit. A bit of 70’s Parliament/Funkadelic jamming attitude would not hurt! I really look forward to the next CD and hope to catch this band live.

Check out the band web site at: http://www.myspace.com/ugg666

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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