Skullflower- IIIrd Gatekeeper
(Crucial Blast Records BR 063)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Originally released in 1992. First off I wanted to mention how this CD reissue was better than I had expected. Seriously, in time I might just need to purchase an extra copy. It's that good. Personally, I would describe 'IIIrd Gatekeeper' as post-industrial stoner / doom metal. It appears to be all instrumental - which threw me off a bit because the drummer for this British trio is credited for providing the vocals for this CD. Maybe I heard a few, but they were very low. Either way 'IIIrd Gatekeeper' kicks total ass. Tracks that did the most for me are the wailing "Black Rabbit", the pulsating "Lark's Tongue" (would make a great soundtrack for any religious sacrifice scene in a good horror film), the droning spaced out "Center Puss", the soaring "Rotten Sun" and the ten-minute heavy psychedelic work out (sort to speak) "Godzilla". I was also impressed with the in-your-face "Spoiler". Personnel: Mike Bower - guitar, Stuart Dennison - drums & vocals and Anthony Di Franco - bass. Should definitely appeal to some fans of Monster Magnet, Sunroof, Electric Wizard, Total and possibly Bardo Pond. I realize that I now need to seek out other Skullflower titles. This is the sort of music that's ideal to have playing while you're dabbling around on the Internet, talking on the phone or straightening up your place. The hour will fly by a lot faster. Recommended.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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