Siena Root- Far from the Sun
(Transubstans Records)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Siena Root are back with the their third full length record. Also their third singer, although this guy was actually in the band in the very very beginning and was the real first singer, so they are kind of going back to their roots. Anyway, I think that this is the best record that the band has made so let’s get into it! The CD starts with the short Dreams of Tomorrow and this gives most people the first real chance of hearing the bands new (old) singer, unless you have heard his previous band, Mouth of Clay. Anyway, KG lays down the killer guitar riff, straight out of 1975! The CD has a great analog sound as well.
A excellent melodic opener and nice dual guitars. Waiting for the Sun is next and features KG on sitar and has a really cool bouncing bass line and groove and amazing sitar. Very powerful singing in this track. The end part of the song has a very Deep Purple like heavy organ that leads into the sitar again and the classic rock sound. Time will tell features another killer guitar riff and some nice soloing and has a lot more organ and will have you rocking. Almost There is nearly 8 mins and gives the band a bit more time to stretch things out and go into blues mode in the middle of this track with some nice guitar and organ playing and of course singing. The band really rock this one out at the end. Hope they will play this one live. Two Steps Backwards is really excellent and one of the heavier tracks. Wishing for More has a bluesy shuffle like riff and features some harmonica and let’s KG play the blues. This Summer is Old (8 minutes) starts off slowly and spacey with some nice wah bass and organ but then the heavy riff, about as close to DOOM as Siena Root gets, before the track comes down and some melodic singing and nice flute playing. A lot of great dynamics in this track. The Break of Dawn is an instrumental track and features some nice dynamics with flute and guitar to start and is quite a happy song that should be played loud while enjoying a beer in the garden! The CD ends with the 10 minute Long Way from Home. It begins with some beautiful organ playing and the way this track builds up will remind people of Deep Purple or Uriah Heep for sure. A great way to end the CD. Siena Root must be the best of the 70’s bands out there now. They have all the elements, great riffs, great singing, melodic songs but keeping it heavy and real….down to earth… Amazing record..

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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