Secret Oyster- Kulturhuset, København 3/27/08

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

It is great that SO are back and playing shows again. It is an amazing band playing great instrumental progressive jazz. I had never been to a show at this place but it was quite nice. There were only about 50 people tonight so very intimate as we all sat at tables. Per, Nils and Magnus and I sat at the best table, right in the middle with a great view. The band played pretty much the same set as we saw last year but a different order. They also had the new live CD that was recorded at the gig they reformed for over in the USA that has just been released. These were the first copies. The band played for about 100 mins in two sets. Some of the highlights were Black Mist in the first set and Traffic and Elephants with Karstens long solo and Mind Movie which really lets Claus rip it up! The sound man was not very good and they had plenty of trouble on the stage, especially with the Karsten’s sax mic. Soundman was not on top of it. Anyway, the band was in top form. Great show.. Spoke to Claus Bøhling and gave him the Øresund Space Collective- It’s all about Delay double CD and my card. Asked him to please listen to it and get back to me. He actually called me up on the phone on Monday night (4 days after this gig) and we had a nice chat. Seems we might hook up at some point. That would be great.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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