Pothead- Rocket Boy
(Janitor Records JRC-1014)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Pothead is back with a new and killer record! It is nice to see the band putting out records on a yearly basis again. There was a 3 year break between Chaudière and More heavy, groovy and more lead guitar! Brad has clearly got some heavy things to talk about in these songs but the band lays down some great stuff. The CD begins with Toxic, a down and dirty heavy riff. Rude also has a heavy riff but a really groovy stoney rhythm. Mocteczuma changes the rhythm to something else but again a harder edged guitar. There has hardly been any lead guitar on many of the Pothead records but on this one Brad shows he can rip it up if he wants to! A very nice addition. Thanks Brad! Fluid has a really unique music-singing structure. A bit funky. Pun ‘kin Patch is also one that has you boppin’ round the room and is pretty damn catchy and so is Leg Bone, which has some really cool wah guitar parts. Alternative Choices is an interesting statement about payola and radio. Smile in the Mind is a great laid back track with a dark political side to it and some nice guitar playing. Black Tuesday comes back with the almost standard Pothead guitar riff groove. Classic Pothead. Cyborg is a real heavy metal rocker. Great guitar riff.
Rose is a funny song about the X Factor and American idol like TV programs that exist. It has a very interesting way the lyrics are sung against the background of these long held guitar riffs and the way Sebastian drums and the bass drones. Rocket Boy is a laid back track and you can hear Brad’s Kurzweil in the background as well but he also plays a keyboard solo! The CD ends with Bring, one of the longest tracks at nearly 5 minutes. It starts slowly with Brad almost singing in a spoken words like voice. Nice way to end this new CD.
What a great CD. The band is playing heavier stuff than on the last more melancholy Chaudière. Breaking some new Pothead soil to plant the next generation of potsongs… Hope it grows some good shit, man.

Check out the record label web site at:http://www.janitorrecords.de
Check out the band web site at: http://www.pothead.de

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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