Olekranon - 'Enumbra' , limited edition 49 copies

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

The way this privately made CD is packaged is a bit confusing. It comes housed in a thin cardboard holder - be careful when you pull it out of the plastic pouch it arrives in. I couldn't locate any info at all about the artist, Olekranon, on the Internet at all so I had to contact him myself via email. Turns out that Olekranon is a one-man project of Ryan Hurst. ' Enumbra' is Hurst's third EP in a trilogy series. The music on this six track EP is actually pretty good, I thought. I saw there were no song titles, but Ryan Hurst had given me the disc's track names. Best described as good ambient drone. Influences are notably Lid Emba, Dalek and Odd Nosdam - three artists I've never even remotely heard of. Tunes I got the most out of were "Sight Unseen", the intensely spaced-out "Agenisis" and the nine-minute tripping epic "In Celebration". Couldn't help but to notice the music here featured a rather sparse beat throughout the EP's duration of 32:07. I've mentioned before that I've never been the biggest fan of electronic drone, but I do apparently like enough of it that's available out there to have enjoyed this piece. Would likely appeal to fans of Steve Reich, Neu!, Future Sound Of London, Brian Eno, Boards Of Canada and most open-minded fans of the experimental genre. Enjoy.

Visit the record label web site at: http://publicguilt.com/

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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