Marlon Cherry- Ancient Sound, Modern Dance
(Fang Records FMCD2)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Marlon is a multi-instrumentalist from NY. He played briefly with Doug Walker and Alien Planetscapes in the early 80’s. He recently contacted me after finding the web site and sent his latest music CD. He plays all the instruments and sings except for tabla drums on 3 of the tracks. These are pieces of cool slightly psychedelic music that are supposed to be for modern dance pieces or at least with that in mind, so when you hear this music, close your eyes and image someone dancing… The music is a bit all over the place with a mixture of all kinds of styles but always a lot of guitar playing. Koku afuera De Djoniba features his excellent djembe playing as well as strange and interesting guitar. A Tea Party has a slow slightly funky groove and Marlon does some singing as well. A beautiful melodic song. Baila para Azucar is a mainly djembe based piece with Marlon also singing in Spanish. For Another Rune (which is dedicated to Paul Taylor) Marlon has dropped the djembe playing and focuses on some beautiful guitar. Very beautiful… Center Stage is wherever she Is features the spoken words of Martha Graham and is one of the tracks with tabla by Deep Singh, who mastered the CD. This track has a quite cool and dreamy psychedelic feel… Sparkle is a mostly vocal and drum piece. Ballet Hispanico Summer is the longest track and features some cool guitar and (is it?) xylophone before going in a very Spanish Santana like direction. Cool piece. Din in Ten and Aveenu Malcainu both feature Deep on the tablas again. I love the guitar on the last spacey track. The CD ends with Pastel Colours, a melodic spacey laid back groove track. Nice stuff. Cool music….

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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