Kongh, Suma, Ocean Chief- Lades, København 4/3/08

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

This was a night of HEAVY music. I showed up during the 2nd track of Ocean Chief and I was surprised there were so few people for these three Swedish bands. I met up with Nils (who booked the show), Jens, Jon A, Lasse, and Rene. Only about 35 or 40 people including the 3 bands. Anyway, Ocean Chief was really slow and heavy DOOM. They seem to get better and better as the show went on. Cool… The Malmö band, Suma was next and they interestingly put the drummer at the front of the stage and the singer in the back. That was cool and different. The singer had a really nice delay on his voice and added some samples at the beginning and end of the show and maybe one in the middle as well. He only sings about 5 mins out of the 45 mins or so they played. The drummer is a thin guy and man, he blew me away. I was just sucked in just watching this guy destroy his kit. He hits the drums with such conviction and power. These guys are hard to describe, some sort of psychedelic DOOM rock. They were not slow enough most of the time to be a true DOOM band. Anyway, their last song blew me away with lots of great psychedelic elements and some delay guitar as well. Powerful stuff. It took a while to get Kongh up and it was like 12:45 before they started. They had some really cool tracks and some interesting guitar riffs but I did not like the singing or screaming at all and they were my least favourite of the 3 bands. Maybe I will check them out at Roadburn if I am free… Cool night… I was tired though..

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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