Jeremy- Mystery and Illusion

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Jeremy is the duo of Dave Dietrich on Drums and percussion and Jeremy Morris on Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, mellotron, piano, and synthesizers. Some of you might remember the Jeremy and the Progressor CD on this same label reviewed a few issues back. The music is a lush mixture of the elements of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and will remind some a bit of Phideaux. The CD begins with the long 9½ minute track, The Mystery Train. A really cool, spacey psychedelic vibe and some cool guitar playing. Shy Song begins with a really cool guitar line. This is another one that really floats and grooves in a cool space and the melodic vocals are great. This is a really cool song with great guitar soloing. Moon turning Red starts spacey but soon is turning heavy again with killer wah guitars and lots of solos… Dark Hole is also keeping it rocking but with really nice melodic guitar lines and vocals. High Rider is 10 minutes in length and leaves plenty of space for taking the track in many directions. It begins with some beats and sounds that slowly evolve and then some cool synths enter into the soundscape and then finally guitars, mellotron and vocals. Float Upstream begins with some backwards guitars that fade into the real track eventually as the lush synths also take over the track in a very psychedelic way. Spaced out! Teardrop Explosion begins with some programmed rhythms like Tangerine Dream but with vocals. Save Me is very spacey to start like some of Dave Brock's solo synth stuff, but then picks up and Jeremy lets rip some killer guitar, both melodic but also spaced… A very happy song, probably the one they would play on the radio, but it is too long. The CD ends with the title track and is a more melodic track with acoustic guitar. The later half of the CD is more mellow and the first half is more heavy stuff but a great mixture overall. My only complaint with this really great CD is that the sound is a bit thin and tinny sometimes.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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