Guru Guru - ' Don't Call Us We Call You ' (Revisited Records)
Catalog number: SPV 305322 DCD

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Looks to be Guru Guru's fifth 'actual' album release - originally put out in late 1973. Meaning that 'Don't Call Us' was likely guitarist Ax Genrich's final LP with the long running progressive krautrock band. First observation you're likely to make here is that at this point, Guru Guru leans more toward the progressive direction. Fans of ' UFO ', ' Hinten' and ' Kanguru' should still get plenty out of this 2-CD expanded reissue. Disc one is, of course the original album. With the well played "Africa Steals The Show", "Round Dance" - that starts out experimental and later gets tribal, the almost commercial sounding " 200 Cliches", the out-there - yet tripping " Das Zwickmaschinchen" and the Ax Genrich - twelve-minute penned "Guru Guru Ltd." (sort of reminds me of Gong or perhaps a Daevid Allen solo piece with some good banjo playing). Disc two really more than makes this 2-CD expanded reissue an absolute must-have. It's of a fan recorded bootleg from a September 1973 gig that took place at the Krefeld Festival. I read somewhere the overall sound of this live recording was cleaned up a bit, and I for one thought it captured the spirit, vibe and the feel of an early Guru Guru concert perfectly. Loved checking out live performances of the previously mentioned "200 Cliches", the unbelievable 34-minute "Ooga Booga", the awesome freak out jam of "Der Elektrolurch" and a medley that I was totally unfamiliar with - "Rocken Mit Eduard / Something Else / Weekend". I know of several long time Guru Guru fans that'll likely be drooling over this Revisited Records pressing. Line-up: Mani Neumeier - drums, keyboards, cymbal, gong & vocals, Ax Genrich - guitar, banjo & vocals and Hans Hartman - bass & piano. A great addition to your collection of Guru Guru CD reissues or just krautrock in general. Look around on the Internet. This title is usually available at a great price.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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