Graveyard, Highway Child, Psychewalks of Eternal Karma- Dragens Hule, København 4/4/08

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Wow... what a night. It was the most people ever except for some of the summer parties. Even after all the young ones left after the new Danish band Psychewalks of Eternal Karma played. Graveyard were 1½ hrs late so got no soundcheck and this lead to some major problems later in the night. But at 10:15 the PEK started and all their school friends were packing the front of the place and totally into their music. They played quite loud and the vocals were too low. There was some problem with feedback and they could not turn the vocal mic up without feedback. The singer, who was also the main guitar player, had a very soft voice, not much power. Anyway, the band was really cool. A lot of organ and nice song structures and a great bass player. They really were jamming or had very detailed structures to their songs. A lot of promise with these guys. I hope that they all stick together and in 3-4 years they will be great if they stick to playing 70s and stoner rock and don’t start playing heavy metal.

After 40 minutes or so Highway Child were up and they totally kicked everyone’s ass! This was a band that was hungry to play and really jammed it out. Think Grand Funk Railroad live LP and this is the kind of kick ass energy the band had. They played a few new songs but also quite a few I knew and a killer jam in Spaciator. After that they played an acoustic number with the singer playing acoustic guitar and the guitarist playing the accordion! Love for Sale also had a great jam in it as well. Excellent drummer, bass player and guitarist. Great fucking singer as well. The band ended the main set with their anthem, Highway Child, before they decide to come back on and end the show with a heavy version of Kick out the Jams by the MC5. They pretty much annihilated the place! Best show I have ever seen them play. I spoke to others who had seen them 5 or more times and said this was the best as well. Sound was great. The best band in Denmark that play this style of music that I know of. The bands first CD is being released on Monday and they had copies for sale.

Set List: Losing your Head, Take you Down, Spaciator, ?, Gold, Feel me, Love for Sale, Just like You, Highway Child, Kick out the jams

Now it took a while to move all the Highway Child stuff off and set up all the Graveyard stuff. The place was still packed and it was 1:00 in the morning. The band did a long opening jam to try to get the sound ok but the bass player was having a terrible sound and was way too loud. The singer/guitarist he also was slow getting it together but it came together and they started only to have the bass player’s gear just crap out. I got the ear of the Highway Child bass player and they moved the Graveyard guys stuff out and set up his big Fender rig. This did not take too long and the show could begin but the band was a little off and the vocal was just too loud and sharp and it took a bit away from the show. Anyway, these guys have so many great songs and some worked very well. One of the new songs was totally killer. Probably not their best show but probably not their worst either. It seemed quite short. I think they only played about 50 minutes. They need to do a few killer cover songs so they can at least play 70 minutes when you are a headline band. The band have several new songs of which we heard 2 or 3 tonight and they will record their next CD in the fall, September or something.. We will see them again at Roadburn in a few weeks. Great night…

Set List: Thin Line, As the years.., Don’t take us for Fools, Pungblues, Siren, Blue Soul, Lost in Explosions, Ungrateful are the Dead, Evil Ways, Submarine Blues

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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