Five Fifteen- Alcohol
(Sweden Rock Records SR2)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

The Finnish hard rocking band, 5.15 are finally back with another new CD. I will say now that I think this is the best one the band has made since the original line up broke up some years back. Great songs, a bit more psychedelic vibe is back again and great sound. As the very disgusting cover and title might suggest, this record is all about Alcohol.. The fun side and the very ugly side of it and the rock and roll side. Alcohol is a solo acoustic vocal track by Mika to lead into the record. Til the next time to Say Goodbye follows directly and the classic 5.15 sound is alive. Mika’s singing is as good as ever and the classic male female vocals that are so characteristic of this bands amazing sound and vibe. Catchy chorus as well. Two Partners in Crime starts with a bit of a Beatles like organ sound and Maikki and Mika trade the vocals. Fill your head with Rock is a really excellent rock anthem and surely dedicated to the people at Sweden Rock! Interestingly, in the track that follows, Delerium, the band uses the line “Fill your head with Rock” yet again… From this point on the record becomes a bit more psychedelic and this one rocks hard! The title track is next and a strange one it is. A very emotional ballad. Gypsy is next and back to the rock and roll! I prefer the organ to the 80’s slick keyboard parts at the beginning. Dollhouse again shows the more psychy side of the band with this dreamy, trippy start. This track fades into the spacey I went to see the Nightmare. Mrs. Death pays a visit at On The Rocks, brings the hard rocking back! For those who don’t know Helsinki, On The Rocks is one of the main rock clubs, and 5.15 and Mika’s solo cover shows are often at this club. This is quite a short rocker, under 3 minutes. Northern Boy Blues begins with some piano, acoustic slide guitar and Mika singing. A cool psychedelic vibe to it somehow, the vocals, perhaps. This one reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, San Tropez off Meddle… Yes... that is it. Old Hairy Dogs Almost Dead begins quite spacey and features a great guitar solo under the spoken word part before the song really picks up. Great track… The alcohol CODA ends the CD (“It’s legal, and always there…”). Great stuff.. I can’t wait to see the band at Sweden Rock Festival.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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