Feverdreams- Words and Music
(Fitual Recordings)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

After 9 years of releases, collaborations, and compilations in the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Russia, the latest Feverdreams CD is out on the Fitual Recordings label. WORDS AND MUSIC BY ALBERT CAMUS: hardcore experimental, artin' hard!! Recited vocals that sound a bit amateurish which I guess isn't a bad thing?! Gets very loud, intense, truly twisted, some guitar, drones, hell yeah, pretty badass!! Stops and then becomes something totally different, quiet notes from a flute/some kinda noisemaker! Yes, very nice. CRAWLING BACK IN: loud drone with guitar strum! It's distortin' my speakers! Pre-recorded vocals with industrial experimental drone/growl, ok, sounds very 80's to me! DOSESQUE: some jazzy guitar and bass with mechanical repeated drone in background, weird! TERMINAL: almost Asian sounding drums, then the vocal by Jerry Lloyd! "Death runs deep in my family... better start living that life you've been talking about." Pretty great lyrics!! BLUE EYES: more intense droney dronage, some gal talking about how blue eyed people are smarter and cleaner than brown eyed people. WORDS AND MUSIC BY BILL HICKS: big dumb rock drums and bluesy guitar with Bill Hicks standup. WORDS AND MUSIC BY MABEL CODY: guitar rumble, speaker static, pretty cool, reminds me of ST 37. Some messed up lo-fi vocal, a duet! Again, takes me back to the 80's! THANKSGIVING (ALA "7:00 NEWS " BY S&G) some marimba? xylophone! pretty cool, along with space drone noise! Yes, very nice! The TV/radio bits muck it up a bit for me! But I guess for people born in the 80's onward this is a new sound?!?! IMPLODE: this one has a nice still spacey feel, no annoying tapes yet. LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW: futuristic, percussion, short. THE NEXT DAY: murky keyboard riff with pre-recorded vocal from a movie!? Is it great or shit!? Great shit! Stops, starts up in different mode, nice drone with weird sounds. STALE: more of the same, very quiet in parts. Then some inept bass strummage with the dorky 4 track living room vocals. Some of the worst vocals and lyrics I've heard in awhile, maybe since 1987!? Like Ween without any of the good parts. TAHTAR: this one's kinda nice, more droney noises. BIRDS OF PREY: now is the chord organ, some loud metal guitar rumble, whispered lo-fi vocals! ALGERNON KNEW: guitar squall, more annoying vocals. I saw that Foxy Digitalis gave this CD 8 stars but I just don't see it! To me it's very dated and unoriginal with not nearly enough nice tones.

You can visit the record label web site at: http://www.myspace.com/fitualrecordings
YOu can visit the band web site at: http://www.myspace.com/feverdreamsmusic

Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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