Eternal Elysium- Eternal Elysium 10”
(Electric Earth Records EARTH02)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

This is the second release on the new Electric Earth label and it is a rerelease of a split 10” that the band did with Black Cobra. In the place of Black Cobra is a brand new track. Shadowed Flowers starts the A side and has a killer guitar riff and is really heavy and spacey. Yukio next lays down some killer psychedelic guitar soloing. Northern Smile starts off with a killer blues riff and then the band takes it off into another direction and they really are kicking ass with some cool double tracked lead guitar and a great groove and then the band get totally spaced out and come back into the main song parts again. Excellent stuff. Both great tracks. Flip the 10” over and you get Absent Pain, the last of the tracks from the split with Black Cobra. Again, Yukito plays some killer psychedelic and heavy guitar. Views on A B C is the new track and is by far the most psychedelic with several layers of spaced out guitar sounds and a strong building rhythm as the solos and stuff intensify. Really cool stuff but in a 70’s psych vibe and not total chaos like acid mothers temple. I feel like this is a real comeback for the band as after their first few killer records, the 2005 release was not that good and glad that band are kicking ass once again. 10” comes with a poster of the band as well.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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