Earthling Society- Beauty and the Beast
(4Zero Records FZ005)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

The Blackpool UK based psychedelic space rock band Earthling Society are back with their fouth record in 4 years and something quite a bit different this time around. Actually, all their records are quite different from one another. The CD opens with the very cool psych rock piece Drowned World, and Fred plays some really cool psyched out guitar parts. The sound production on this opening track is clear, but distant and mysterious in some way. It adds to the special feeling to the track. A lot of cool instrumentation on the CD as well with flute, mellotron, mandolin, Bazuki, theremin, etc. Candlemass is quite something different with a laid back guitar and song very much focused on Fred’s singing. It reminds me a bit of some old Rolling Stones stuff at times. Tenement Song begins quite psyched out with some effects and vocals before a track a lot like some of the Abunai stuff kicks in. The track features some of Fred’s kids and kazoo as well. Interesting. Sundropped begins with some really nice keyboards. Fred has an interesting effect on his voice. The track is another more laid back one but with a nice bouncing bass line. It really takes you back to the late 60’s. Next is a 3½ minute untitled piece. This is where Fred plays the Bazuki and it has an eastern flavor to it but the track gets pretty spaced out at times. A Modest Flower is a more laid back psych track again with some really nice keyboard parts and a great guitar solo at the end. The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes keeps the sort of acid folk vibe going but has some more pretty, new agey like keyboards that I don’t care for much. This is probably my least favorite track on the CD. The Moonlit Road features Mike Hale of Flute and features some acoustic guitars and dreamy keyboards. Valerie A Tyden Divu, is the longest track at 12 minutes and begins quite slowly with some special chimes and then the spacey keyboard sweeps begin before the track kicks in. A lush psychedelic landscape slowly develops. This is a really cool spacey track. The CD ends with A Playground Mystery which starts with ½ a minute of silence before all sorts of weird stuff starts to happen. You have to sort that one out for yourself. A very interesting step in a new direction and quite successful, I would say. Great band. One should also mention that the CD comes in a really fantastic fold out digipack with great artwork by Stacie Willoughby.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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