The Coloursound Revolution- This is our Rock and Roll
(This is not a Record Company)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

The ColourSound Revolution is a Danish band that I have never heard of. This 3 piece play down and dirty garagy rock and roll. No frills... straight up, 2-3 minute tracks. The CD was recorded totally analog over in Sweden and some work also at the Black Tornado studio here in Denmark. 13 tracks in 36 minutes. The CD starts with the title track and is a groovy track with the singer in a more laid back vocal and a bit too much of the Oooh oooh background vocal, but the song never really develops into anything. Sound and Vision features the very overused Oooh oooh background vocal again. Come on guys. At least put a track in between without that background vocal. Do You Really Love Me is a more cool rocker that is totally in the garage. 7th floor Remedy is a change is a cool track but the high pitched falsetto backing vocals all the time on every song are starting to grow old. Nice short organ solo. Up all Night also features the organ and this gives the music a different flavor and I like the nasty guitar riff. Good Times Symphony is a really cool track and the band use the vocals in a very different spacey ethereal way on this basically instrumental garage track with a slight surf element to it but also some Theremin. Moneymaker is a more melodic track with a bouncy bass line and probably a good choice for the radio track. Sci Fi has an old school rock and roll part at the end but sadly the band don’t just keep it going.. Where to Go has that Buddy Holly-Bo Diddley shuffle riff going on and is nice to mix things up a bit and it really rocks out at the end. Blues for Mr. and Mrs is not really that bluesy but a foot stomping track with some organ again. Leave is picks up the pace a little and has a low fi guitar and a bit of Beatles in it. Only for a Moment. Walk like a Man, now, the Beatles influence really comes through. I spoke too early… The CD ends with What Are You Gonna Do About It and this features harmonica and a different vibe from a lot of the songs on the CD and I really wish they would have jammed out the end of this track as it had something going. The CD is quite a mixed bag of songs, some great and some quite ordinary. Probably a good live band…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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