Causa Sui- Dæmonens Port, København 3/22/08

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

This was a really cool night. The Demon’s Port is a real underground place. You have to be “in the know” for gigs here. Causa Sui thought this would be a good place to try out their new experimental approach on a live audience. It was a small crowd of about 40 or so on this Saturday night before Easter Sunday. The band started quite late. At least 10:30 and included the main Causa Sui line up of guitar, bass and drums plus Luz from Øresund Space Collective and Bland Bladen on congas and percussion, a sax player and Rasmus on synthesizers. The music is mostly improvised but some themes had been worked out in advance. It was a like a really cool mix of Hendrix, early 70’s Miles Davis, and Kraut Rock styles. It really worked. I should also say some of the heavy stuff in the first set was really a lot like Hawkwind with a different styled guitar player. I think they played about 90 mins the first set and 2hrs the 2nd set. The band recorded it all on multitrack and one guy was video taping bits and pieces but very inconsistently. Probably can’t use that for much of anything.. Cool stuff. Can’t wait for the record..

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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