Brain Police- Beyond the Wasteland
(Small Stone Records SS-077)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

The Icelandic stoner rockers are back with another CD. This band has produced quite a few now but most have only been released in Iceland. I did not hear Glacier Sun (1st) or Electric Fungus (3rd) so I can only compare to the self-titled second one. The band has added a guy who plays Hammond and Fender Rhodes as well on a few tracks. Anyway…I think the band is getting more psychedelic, which is a good thing. Rooster Booster starts things off and these guys really stick with the classic stoner rock groove and riff. Not that original but it sucks you right in. It’s all about the riff. While on the previous record there were virtually no guitar solos, a few rudimentary ones are here. No great lead guitarist in this band but they are trying a bit now, anyway… It’s all about the riff… Hot Chicks and Hell Queens picks up the speed and is harder hitting like Nebula. Black Tulip is next and a very heavy stoner blues track. The singer is really great and intense on this one and it features a cool organ solo at the end as the song really pounds! Thunderbird is a great track. A bit of Kyuss at times with the vocal style but a cool stoned vibe and feel on this one. Dozer fans will like it. Mystic Lover is a bit spacey and melodic. Singer is fucking passionate… The Baron again features the keyboard guy here and there… This is probably the radio track. Human Volume slows things down and the organ helps to fill in the bottom end. The band takes their time on this track and lets it build up slowly and has a nice stoney vibe… Beyond the Wasteland has a really cool groove to it and a little effect on the voice to give it a different sound. The CD ends with the Sweet Side of Evil…They go out with a blast… If you dig Stoner rock, then these guys serve up a full platter of Icelandic stoner music for you to consume. Not that original but tasty none the less. Great CD…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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