Baraka- VII
(Musea MP3069)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

This is the 7th record by this Japanese progressive jazz fusion group led by guitarist Issei Takama. The band celebrated it’s 10th anniversary last year. The opening track, M75, is a short spacey piece (guitar synth). Bharmad is a 6 piece 20 minute monster of a prog rock instrumental musical work out. King Crimson is an obvious comparison. It then evolves into a cool piece with great melodic guitar playing and some spacey guitar synth in the background. Reminds me a bit of RUSH sometimes as well. At about 13 mins it really changes and goes in another direction and gets quite spacey before the heavy Crimson stuff returns. Very cool guitar at 17 minutes… Great track. Stella Maris is a very laid back piece with some nice wah guitar. I could do without the kind of new agey guitar synth stuff that appears here and there. Phantom starts with a very dark bass and then really starts rocking and Issei plays some really cool guitar. 2M78 is a more jazzy piece but I really love the multilayers of guitars and stuff going on in this track. Sand and Stone are next and a more hard rock track. Reminds me a bit of Van Wilks. Great guitar solo at the end. Antares is another more laid back and spacey track. The CD ends with Wormhole and is another heavy Crimson inspired track. One theme that runs through the tracks is that they very often start with a theme and then disappear into some space and come back to it again over and over, leaving the musicians a lot of space to be inventive. Cool band…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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