Baraka- “…”
(Kailas KLS039)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Baraka is back with a new record and again takes on another King Crimson track as well as a strange cover of Shot in the Dark by Ozzy Osbourne. This CD features more programmed drums than the previous and the same lush sound with the focus very much on the violin playing and drums. This CD is somehow more dance oriented. Garibi is a very beautiful song again with programmed drums over which Tablas are played and loads of melodic violin and a bit of spacey synth…Veil is very spacey and floating but slowly builds up a cool groove and there is a lot of delay on the violin. Sounds really great. Inti Ana actually has a programmed like techno beat to start and they throw it aside and bring it back later. Interesting mix and a bit of a Russian feel in this one. Drum solo 1 begins with some spacey new age synths and beats and then the real hand drums, a very short not very interesting piece leading into Paper. Drum solo 2 follows and goes into Starless by King Crimson. A bit boring this version. Some very beautiful violin playing though. Raga La follows and is very programmed but has a groovy laid back house beat and some scratching and stuff mixed in as well. The band is experimenting a bit more here. Raga Re begins very spacey and has a bit of a dub groove to it. Nice keys…Shot in the Dark is next and how they decided to do an instrumental version of this I am not sure but it is pretty cool. It somehow really works with the violin to make all the melodic parts… Raga Fa is next and a long spacey dub and the rest of the CD stays in this mode. Pretty interesting

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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