Alpha Wave Movement- The Mystic and the Machine
(Harmonic Resonance Recordings)

From Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)

Gregory Kyrylak has been releasing ambient new age electronica since 1997. This material was recorded between 2005 and 2007 and has Steve Hillman (UK based musician) listed as playing guitar on 4 tracks. The tracks vary quite a lot as they should! Going from somewhat new age stuff like Highland Aire Drive to almost prog rock stuff. The opening track, Synaptic Overdrive, is a really interesting one and really highlights Gregory’s skills at composing and he incorporates Steve’s guitar in a very nice way as well. L’ Ocean est une Tempete is a beautiful and spacey piece of music with flute samples (or very good flute sounds from one of the many keyboards Gregory employs. Every Flute tells a Story features Steve again and after a few keyboard and flute solos towards the last half of the song Steve’s guitar comes in and creates a slightly different mood. Remember the Dream is a beautiful spacey piece with programmed strings. Very lush. Mind Phased Pictures has a cool beginning with an interesting synth line as the track builds up with programmed drums and bass and then a cool organ solo. There is lots of great synth playing on this track which is a lot different from the last few new age ones. Festive Ancestors features Steve again and slowly builds up with a drone and some piano but becomes a more uptempo electronic piece with bass and drums and then finally guitar but not sounding like what you would think. Highland Aire Drive is short synth piece with a slight Irish touch to it. Space Zeppelin over Moab starts very spacey with some nice piano and Steve comes in much earlier on this track and fades out but then plays a real guitar solo (with a keyboard sound) on the last half of the track. It enters a more 90’s Pink Floyd territory. The CD ends with the title track, which has a lot of different moods and is very spacey in the middle section. I think this is a highly successful collaboration and I would like to hear more from these guys together in the future. His Kurzwell keyboards give all of his compositions a very rich sound.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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