Zappa plays Zappa- Olympen, Lund, Sweden 10/13/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Wow.. this was so fucking amazing, even better than last year! I drove my car with Thomas, Magnus and Mikael. Thomas’s friend never made it. We could not wait and had to go. NO problems on the way. Had a beer and a smoke before we headed in and we had amazing seats. Dead center 4 rows away. Sound was also amazing. I was a little paranoid about recording but went for it anyway. Ray White noticed the microphones about 2 songs into the set and pointed at me but gave me the thumbs up, so I guess he thought it was cool.. My recordings are never for sale, only trade..

Anyway, it was a more guitar heavy set this year compared to last and Dweezil was in top form. It was great how they combined 3 videos of Frank singing and playing lead guitar so flawlessly into the set. You could see the band was having a blast and during Dupree’s Paradise, Dweezil came up with the far out idea that Ray would have to come up with a song about being naked and eaten by a polar bear! Far out… I think Dweezil really blew minds with his solos in Pygmy Twylite and Illinois Enema Bandit. It was a great show and they played for 2½ hrs. 2nd to last night on the European tour. Can’t wait til they come back…

Set list: Joe’s Garage, Wind up working in a Gas Station, San Berdino, Andy Devine, City of Tiny Lights, Advance Romance, Dumb all over, What’s new in Baltimore, How could I be such a Fool, Ain’t got no Heart, I’m not Satisfied, Lonely Little Girl, Pygmy Twylite, Dupree’s Paradise, Uncle Reamus, Willie the Pimp, Zoot Allures, Dorren, Cosmik Debris, Illinois Enema Bandit, Dog Meat, G Spot Tornado, Muffin Man

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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