WintherStormer- Woodwork
(Bajkal Records 222016)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Wow… I had never heard of these analog synth enthusiasts before. It is primarly the Duo of Terje Winther and Erik Stormer (from Norway) utilizing their large banks of analog modular synths joined by some friends on guitar and various hand drums and percussion. They create some really cool deep space excursions like the old Alien Planetscapes material and Dave Prescott but with a much more hifi sound. Like Alien Planetscapes it is all improvised no midi, no prearranged musical structure, just the feel of the moment captured in time. The CD features 4 tracks ranging from the short 8 min Engraved to the 35 minutes Monochrome. The CD starts with Pure Analog Forever (Colour Haze and Witchcraft would agree with that statement!). Lots of really cool spaced out synths that come in waves before the space sound go in and it gets more and more complex and then totally spaced out in the middle with some great synth playing and later on some nice guitar as well and totally freaking out at the end. Great track. Musical equitation extracted from Firelogs is next at 17 minutes. This begins with some chimes and a siren like sound and stays in slow and spaced out mode for a while and then gets quite mysterious and dark around 6 minutes and goes through a lot of changes but stays deep out in space. Engraved is next and almost like a band track with drums and some powerful guitar and great lead synths. What an amazing synth sound they get…. Monochrome is the 35 minute trip and will remind folks of Tangerine Dream for sure. I can’t wait for these guys to get back into the studio as this is some of the best electronica I have heard in a while.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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