Vespero- Rito
(R.A.I.G R024)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Despite their Italian sounding name, Vespero are actually a six-piece psychedelic Krautrock and progressive rock influenced combo from Astrakhan in Southern Russia.

There’s lots of spacey, electronic goodness to the music of Vespero (three of the members play keyboards and synths), but they are all multi-instrumentalists as well, so along with the electronics comes bass, drums, flute, guitars, violin, whispers, and wordless vocals to create quite a dazzling display of atmospheric space rock. Although I admit, part of me is inclined to not quite call this space rock. Don’t get me wrong, it does rock in parts, but guitar is often sparse (though effectively used), and the music tends to rely more on texture and rhythm than jamming on riffs. Leads are often taken by instruments such as violin and flute, or by the wordless vocalizations of Natalya Tjurina and Karnelia Mango. In fact though, the members of Vespero draw more inspiration from the classic Krautrock artists, who attempted to distance themselves from Western blues-based rock. But Vespero shies away from a retro approach by incorporating subtle uses of modern dance rhythms, complex jazz stylings, and dub-style syncopation into their sound as well, courtesy of the outstanding and quite versatile drumming of Ivan Fedotov.

There are definitely hints of Gong in their sound, and sometimes they remind me a bit of Ozric Tentacles, but that doesn’t really get to the core of Vespero’s sonic domain. The fact is, I haven’t ever really heard anything quite like the music on Rito. The band has forged their own distinctive identity musically and the results are quite breathtaking. Highly recommended!

Check the band's web sites at: or (in English) and (in Russian).

Check out the record label site at:

Reviewed by Jeff Fitzgerald

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